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¿What is Fatmagül's fault? episode 51 with english subtitles
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This Series / novel is seen in several Latin American countries and other countries by international channels have Fatmagul television.¿What is Fatmagül's fault?
¿What is Fatmagül's fault? Image Episode 51
Tells the true story of Fatmagul a young woman who was about to marry the love of his life Mustafa but his life changes when 4 men raped. Mustafa blames Fatmagul for what happened and leaves and under the influence of his family and Turkish law Fatmagul marries Kerim "one of four" and live a life with the man but the dislike in life.

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  1. Please episode 52

  2. enjoying this drama from kenya,i can watch it everyday.

  3. I really hate how everyone put their two cents into Kerim's trauma concerning his father. Like, damn, I know it's not cool to be rude to people, but can we not get on his case about whether or not to accept his father back into his life?? That's his prerogative! It's his boundaries and happiness that should be accounted, not his father's. His father made his choices, that he knows to come back to try to forge a connection, that's good. But whatever happens, is no one's fault at that point, even if Kerim doesn't forgive him. Not everyone wants to or can afford to forgive and forget. I'm just in a similar position myself (except my biological father never bothered to apologize or come back), so it makes me angry that people would enforce their opinions on him and give him disapproving looks, when he's rightfully angry. So I'm not too happy with this outcome, but it all works out in the end, so it's not bad. Just a personal gripe.

    Thanks for uploading the episodes.